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Window Blind Cleaning Services

By using a technology called ultrasonic cleaning we offer window blind cleaning services in our specially equipped workshop using our large  ultrasonic tanks. Ultrasonic cleaning involves passing high-frequency sound waves though water that makes the water ‘vibrate’ offering a powerful and effective cleaning method for window blind cleaning. By cleaning your window blinds you extend their natural life saving you money and reducing the global consumption of raw materials

A window blind is often delicate in nature and often needs ultrasonic cleaning as opposed to conventional blind cleaning methods. Our cleaning services are particularly effective when cleaning such items as a wooden blind that require minimum contact with water. Once you try our window blind cleaning service you will be delighted at the results. Many companies are now calling on our blind cleaning service to clean blinds at their premises and office refurbishments. Blind restoration is far cheaper than blind replacement. 

Bed & Mattress Cleaning Services

By using a high specification machine specifically designed for mattress cleaning, we will visit your home and treat your bed to the best mattress cleaning it has ever experienced. 

Our bed and mattress cleaning starts when we use our special machine that penetrates deep into your mattress, vibrating and knocking out residual ‘dust’ from the mattress. At the same time a powerful Ultra Violet light is beamed deep into your bed and mattress sanitising it and killing any organic matter and destroying dust mites. Finally the application of a fresh de-odorising spray leaves your mattress in a fantastic condition.

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