My practice begins in the everyday.

front pageIt is underpinned by processes of documentation, cathartic communication and attempting to wrestle with the concept of authenticity. My image-making processes are varied but my most recent projects undertaken on my MA in creative practice have developed my painting techniques. The subject matter for my paintings is woven in amongst the pursuit of conveying authenticity amidst a culture that venerates inauthentic ideals. Through painting pictures of personal photos sent through social media, I hope to share something meaningful and honest with the viewer that mimics the way we use social media intimately rather than performatively.

I use photography, most favourably Polaroid for its one of a kind and experimental qualities. I create work in a variety of forms including drawing series, zines, standalone prints, paintings, and photographs.

Older works exhibit a continued interest in the relationship between humour and catharsis. I am also interested in the relationship between text and image. My work adopts a comic style approach when using text and image together, although it serves more as a device for recording a stream of consciousness. Immediacy appears in some works both visually and thematically. Other works exhibit a more considered approach by having refined drawings that originated in fleeting thoughts that were written down and reinvented later.

Kitty Dickinson